1. SUN as the AK indicates that the native has to learn to overcome his ego and should become humble. The Sun is the natural king and the deep desire to rule will manifest as leadership in various undertakings. A desire for music is sure to be there and such natives should learn to play some musical instrument to canalize their energies that could, in the negative, become very destructive. Instrumental music rejuvenates them and depending on the nature of the sign this can relate to various instruments.

2. MOON as the AK indicates that the native should be very caring and compassionate. The Moon is the natural mother and the home of such people is a manifestation of their inner self. Disorder at home or disturbed home

3. MARS as the AK indicates that the native should refrain from all forms of violence and stick to the path of ahinsa. Mars is the strength of the Kälapuruña and gives the ability for wielding weapons and person desires to win battles and proves its strength. Such people are great fighters and will gradually realize the futility of war mongering. They like martial arts and would prefer learning karate, kung fu and other forms of self defense. In a more spiritual individual this can mean learning haöha yoga and other physical exercises to remain strong and ever youthful. So long as these are practiced as a spiritual discipline like the monks of the Çaolin temple, it is very good; else the karma can lead one to regret many mistakes caused by acts of violence. The ultimate lesson in spirituality is that the ätma is indestructible and hence does not need any form of physical protection. Violence is a manifestation of ones hatred towards other creatures and beings. Thus, the truth lies in ahimsa or non-violence. Such natives should practice Zen and other forms of meditation and some physical exercises like Tai Chi to canalize their excess energies.

4. MERCURY as AK indicates that the native should control his speech and be truthful at all times.

5. JUPITER as AK indicates that the native should always respect the Guru, husband and care for the children.

6. VENUS as AK indicates that the native must have a very clean character and refrain from illegitimate sex or lust.

7. SATURN as AK indicates that the native cannot give sorrow to others and will have to share the sorrow of many others.

8. RAHU as AK indicates that the native may be cheated often and will still have to be free from guile and be clean hearted.