By Anil Kaushal
On 2.11.2014 at about 2.00 AM. Transit sat will ingress in Scorpio Sign and at the same time (in nak. Of jup). With this transit Sadesati will start on Sagittarius sign. Dhahia will start on Aries and Leo signs. Libra will be facing last pada of sadhesati and Scorpio will be facing 2ndpada of Sadesati. On 2.11.2014 The Moon will be transiting in Aquarius sign in Nakshatra of rahu.
Before drawing the opinion about this important event of transit, we must go through the rules of transit; we must go through the rules of transit one by one.

Birth sign (janamRashi):If the natal Moon is placed in Capricorn or Aquarius, Saturn becomes the Moon’s Dispositor. In this case, the moon which represents the mind, is used to the disciplinarian ways of Saturn and it will not be affected so much when Saturn actually transits over that sign.

Birth Constellation (JanamNakshatra): if the natal Moon is placed in any of the 3 constellations(nakshatras) owned by Saturn, iePushya, Anuradha or uttaraBhadrapada, then following the principle given above, sadhesati or dhaiyya will not be very stressful for such a native.
Saturn&Nakshatra Transit:In this transit over the Scorpio sign, Saturn will transit through Vishakha of Jupiter, Anuradha of Saturn and Jyeshtha of Mercury. When saturn passes over vipattara, pratyaritara, naidhan/vadhataraI,e 3rd, 5th, 7thNakshatra or there trinal Nakshatra. It gives bad results. When it passes over the 2nd (samapattara). 4th (Kshematara), 6th (sadhaktara), 8th (Mitratara) or 9th (parammitratara) nakshatra or their trines, it gives good results. Transit over the janamtara (1st) or its trines(10th and 19thnakshatras) does not give good results.
Sign of Saturn transit:When Saturn transit over its own sign, or those of its natural friends i.e, mercury and Venus it’s normally gives the better results as compared to its transit over the sign of its natural enemies i.e. the sun, the moon or mars.
Functional Lordship of planet: The lords of trines (trikonas) in a horoscope are always benefic (i.e, lords of the 1st, 5th, and 9th house). If either the moon or Saturn are the lord of the trinal may not give bad case of fiery signs i.e. Aries, leo, and Sagittarius, neither Saturn nor the moon are lord of trines. Transit of Saturn is bad for natives with these moon signs .In all the other signs, one of the 2 planets i.e ,saturn or the Moon is a functional benefic and the results are better.
Strength in shadbala and bhavabala: if saturn and the moon have obtained the required strength in shadbala and their required ratio of the ratio that the strength is more than 1.0 then the transit effects of Saturn are better as compared to those where one or both of them are weak. The lower the ratio, the worse are the results .Similarly, in Bhavabala, if the house over which Saturn is transiting has more than 7.5 rupas in bhavabala. and in ranking is placed amon the first six bhava then the evil effects of Saturn transit are lessened to a large extent and vice versa. For more detail on this, consult the authors book “planetary strengths (calculation and applications)”.
MoortiNirnay: As transit moon will be transiting through Aquarius sign. Then according to the transit rules, we shall count from the natal moon of the native up to the position of transit moon. Let us start from Aries Moon sign.

Moon sign:


As counted
from Aries,
Transit Moon
sign Aqu.
falls 11 signs


10 signs away.


9 signs away.


8 signs away.


7 signs away.


6 signs away.


5 signs away.


4 signs away.


3 signs away.


2 signs away.


1 signs away.


12signs away.

Now as per the moorti Nirnay rule:
Start counting from the natal Moon upto transit moon which is Aquarius at the time of ingress of sat in Scorpio sign Moorti will be as per the table below:-

Moorti Lakshan Table:

House occupied by
the Transiting Moon as
counted from Natal Moon

Moorti Lakshan

Results(Symbolic Grading)

1st ,6th ,11th

Gold (Sawarna)

Extremely Auspicious(++)

2nd ,5th ,9th

Silver (Rajat)

Moderately Auspicious(+)

3rd ,7th ,10th

Cooper (Tambar)

Moderately in auspicious(-)

4th ,8th ,12th

Iron (Loha)

Extremely Inauspicious(- -)


Assesment of Moorti Lakshan:




Benefic B

Gold(swarna) (+) (+)

B (+) (+)

Silver (Rajat)(+)

B (+)

Cooper(Tambar) (-)

B (-)

Iron(Loha) (-) (-)

B (-) (-)

Malefic M

Gold(swarna) (+) (+)

M(+) (+)

Silver (Rajat)(+)

M (+)


M (-)

Iron(Loha)(-) (-)

M(-) (-)

Aries, Virgo, Aquarius- Gold
Gemini, Libra, Capricorn- Silver
Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius- Copper
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces- Iron

Vedha: The vedha places for transit of Saturn in various houses as considered from the natal moon are 1/1, 2/2,3/12, 4/3, 5/4, 6/9, 7/6, 8/7, 9/8, 10/10 11/5, 12/11(numerators indicates the position of saturn and denominator show the position of the vedha planet, if any except the sun.) When saturn is transiting the 12th house from the natal moon (the figure in the numerator) its malefic results will be cancelled out if another planet is simultaneously transiting the 11th house from the natal Moon(the figure in the denominator).similarly, when the satrun transiting the 8th house from the natal moon another the planet is transiting the 7th house .then the malefic results of saturn will be neutralized. There Is no vedha between saturn and the sun .This means that the planet in the vedha place (the denominator) should be anyone except the sun for the malefic or benefic results to be neutralised. This cancellation of results will be for long as the vedha causing planet remains in that sign or until saturn changes its sign, which ever happens earlier.
Ashtakvarga: if either Saturn or the Moon has more benefic points in their ashtakvarga, then the malefic transit of saturn does not give evil results.
Sarvashtakavarga points: if the SAV Points of the sign through which saturn is transiting are between 25-28 then the results are neutral. The ore the member of bindus above 28, the better will be results and the lesser the bindusbelow25; the worse will be the results.
Bhinashtakavarga:(1) In the BAV of Saturn, the maximum benefit points a sign can get is 8 . If there are 4 or more points, then the transit is likely to give good results.
2) In the BAV of the Moon , if Saturn has contributed a benefic point in the sign, it is transiting it is not likely to give bad results.
In the BAV of Saturn, if the Kakshya lord has contributed a benefic point in the sign through which Saturn is transiting, then transit of Saturn is not likely to give bad results.
Main/Sub-period (Mahadasha/Antardasha): If the MP/SP in the birth chart running at a particular time is beneficial and there is a promise of good events in the horoscope then saturn evil transit can only delay the results not deny them. Transit is always subservient to dasha. As a good transit cannot give good results in a bad period, similarly a bad transit cannot give bad results with a good period (dasha).
If in the natal chart the moon is placed in the 8th house from the ascendant, then the 7 1/2 years of malefic transit of Saturn occurs in the 7th , 8th and 9th houses from the ascendant. This transit said to give more malefic results.
Delineation with Example shall be discussed in
Anil Kaushal