BY: Mr. Anil Kaushal

Sun-He causes weak eyesight, headaches, disturbance of circulation of blood, weakness of bones, palpitation, baldness, hyper-irritability, fevers.
Moon-Moon causes diseases of uterus, dropsy, skin-diseases, pleuricy or tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, mental aberration, anemia’s, serous effusions, nervousness, etc.
Mars-He causes blood diseases, tissue breakages, fevers, burns, mental aberration, timidity when in debilitation or in certain houses, irritability, wounds, eruptions, epilepsy, tumors,etc.
Mercury-Mental diseases, highly strung nerves, nervous breakdown, neuromas, leuco-derma, excessive sweating, impotence, vertigo, sensitiveness, and deafness.
Venus-Venus causes venereal diseases. Sensitiveness, carbuncles, diabetes, stricture urethra, stones in bladder or kidneys, parotitis euphoria, lacrimal troubles cataract and weakness of sexual organs.
Jupiter-Causes jaundice, diseases of liver, vertigo, laziness, general lassitude, chronicity of diseases, diseases of gall-bladder, sleeping sickness anemia’s, idiosynchrasies.
Saturn-This planet causes paralysis, insanity chronicity of a disease, cancer and other tumors, elephantiasis, idiocy and glandular diseases.
Rahu-Hiccough, slowness of action, clum-lilneis, intestinal diseases, insanity, leprosy, ulcers, genral debility, boils, eclampsia, varicose veins, disease of spleen and adrenals.
Kethu-Intestinal worms, epidemics, errup-IIVI fevers, low blood pressure as against Mars who causes high blood pressure, deafness and defective speech; with certain combinations high blood pressure is also produced.
The above are only a few of the , diseases caused by planets. Many other specific diseases are produced by combinations of different planets. It is in this special field where constant re-research is necessary. Most of the combinations were put to test by our ancient rishis. But they have not dealt exhaustively, with some other diseases. Just as there are combinations for disease, just as there are yogas for good health also. Here I must say that health and disease are comparative terms. No one can claim that he has never had an ailment, nor there a person who has been Ill through out his life. When a person is comparatively free from major diseases, he is called healthy person. And when a person always suffers from some or other ailment is called sickly person. What is the reason and why a person remains healthy and another suffers constantly’ you will find persons living in the same surroundings and eating same kind of food, differing from each other in matters of health. And you might have observed that the children of the same parents differ greatly from each other, as far as their health is concerned. They eat the same food and are cared for in the same manner and yet one child will be sickly and another will be stout and care free, Then how this ‘immunity to disease develops in a man? It is not the food, it is not the surroundings nor is it due to habits.
Good Health-There is certain factors responsible for strong and uniform good health. Lagna Is the most important factor among them. Lagna and its lord must be strong and well aspected. For strong and sturdy constitution all the malefic s should occupy 3rd, 6th and 11th houses and the lagna must be strong as already mentioned. We come across many combinations for long life extending unto 2000 years in our ancient texts. Even if we come across such a combination in the present age, we dare not predict a life of 2000 years. A healthy normal life of 80 years is better than ,surviving for 1000 or 2000 years of sickly type. 6th house is the house of diseases and sufferings. A malefic In this house is said to destroy its significance, l.e., will give good health. But some authors are of opinion that malefic like Saturn or Mars In the 6th house causes various sufferings and Ill-health. I do not agree with them. A malefic in the 6th house, 3rd house or 11th house is a 4Irong point in a horoscope. 8th house is the house of chronicity. Any benefic in this house will cause a tendency for chronic diseases.
For instance the first-rate benefic Jupiter will make a person suffer from some or other disease. On the other hand Saturn in the 8th house will give sound constitution and long life. Jupiter may Also confer long life, but as I stated the person would be always sickly. Trikona occupation by Benefics is a good feature for sound health. Even with all the favorable points in a horoscope for sound health you will see that the native would suffer from some minor ailments at aura or other time. Why should this happen? Here we have to examine the gochara results. Even If there are combinations for a fair and sound constitution a person would suffer from the temporary yogas formed by Gochara movements. Of the planets. During their routine journey along the path of zodiac, they pass through unfavorable houses from the Janma-rasi or an unfavorable constellation from the birth constellation, and cause misery, misunderstanding, and ill-health etc. These temporary combinations, however, will not undermine the health of a person, who has other favorable points in his radical horoscope. But, they certainly cause anxiety about health. That is the reason why great importance is given to the Gochara-movements or transit of planets in Hindu Astrology. There are twenty-seven important centers, in the human body corresponding to 27 constellation of the zodiac every constellation as you know, is again subdivided into four parts or Padas. Certain of a constellation, are not conducive to good health.