By: Mr. Anil kaushal.

1) Retrograde planet support longevity but effect Health.
2) Benefics in angles Promote health, but if they are retrograde and connected with Main/Sub –Period (Dasa) lord, these give ill health in their Dasa, and they give no Protection against diseases.
3) A strong lord of the ascendant ensures recovery from ill health.
4) A strong of the ascendant, 6th lord ensures resistance against sickness and recovery from the ill health.
5) Malefics in quadrants and Benefics in 6th or 8th make one prone to ill health.
6) Natural Benefics in angles and natural malefics in 3rd, 6th or/and 11th give sound health.
7) Lord of the ascendant in 6th provides resistance against disease, yet it is not conductive for good health.
8) If lords of 5th or 8th are in ascendant, one is prone to ill health.
9) 6th lord with a malefic in ascendant or in 6th or 8th gives injury to the part of the body signified by 6th house.
10) A benefic Dasa following after illness shows recovery.
11) Lord of the ascendant and or Saturn in 8th give longevity but makes one prone to disease.
12) Lord of the ascendant and 8th, if afflicted, gives many sufferings.
13) 8th Lord in with lord of the ascendant makes the body sicky; even prolonged illness if afflicted.
14) Benefics in 8th gives chronicity of illness.
15) Mars & Ketu and Lords of 6th & 11th are injury Planets. If these are related to ascendant injury takes place .Ketu in sign of Mars and aspected by mars becomes a doubly killer.
16) Any planet in ascendant: if afflicted and weak, give diseases relating to the planet and the sign.
17) A retrograde lord of the ascendant: if runs its Dasa, at birth, one is likely to have a congenial disease.
18) Saturn is the disease giving Planet. If affliction to the lords of 5th house from ascendant,sun and Moon gives chronic ailments.
19) If lord of the ascendant is debilated and moon is afflicted in Scorpio, it gives hydrocele.
20) Mars-Saturn in 6th gives stomach Problems.
21) High blood pressure is caused by a weak and afflicted moon and a strong but afflicted mars.
22) Low blood pressure is caused by a weak and afflicted moon and a weak but afflicted Mars.
23) Afflicted Jupiter as lord of 6th or in 6th gives diabetes.
24) Mercury in a 6th in female sign under malefic influence gives brain trouble in old age.
25) Rahu-Ketu axis falling on ascendant, lord of the ascendant or Dasa lords is an adverse factor for health.
26) Moon and mars represent blood and their affections give blood disorder.
27) Malefic transits aggravate illness.
28) Normally, a single affliction is not a serious. A double affliction indicates the serious disease: triple or multiple afflictions gives incurable disease. Rahu’s role gives undiagnosed disease.
29) Severity of diseases depends upon the extent of affliction to ascendant and the 7th lord and main period, sub period, sub-sub-period lords I.e. Maha Dasa, Antar Dasa and Pratyantar Dasa.
30) Disease/ accidents all related to disease or if they are cause of accident, malefic transit confirms the situations.
31) Rahu is separative, serving, restrictive and a disease giver planet.
32) Ketu’s influence on ascendant gives innumerable operations.
33) The lord of the 1 month of the conception is Venus; 2nd Mars; 3rd Jupiter; 4th Sun; of 5th Moon; of 6th Saturn; of 7th Mercury; of 8th lord of the ascendant; of 9th Moon and of the 10th Sun.
34) For timing of disease calculate Main Period (MP)/Sub –Period (SP)/Sub-Sub-Period (SSP). Sub –Sub-Period (Pratyantar Dasa) indicates actual Precipitation of disease.
35) Main period/ sub period/ sub–sub-period of death inflicting (Marka) Planet for a Particular ascendant leads to proneness to disease.
a. These adverse influence are more Pronounced if MP/ SP/SSP; lords are connected with ascendant or lord of the ascendant.
b. Link of a benefic with ascendant or lord of the ascendant and MP Lord or SP lord cause recovery.
c. Adverse results are accentuated if ascendant and lords of MP/SP/SSP get afflicted by natural malefics or lords of 6th, 8th and 12th houses
36) Rahu-Ketu axis falling on ascendant, lord of the ascendant or lords of MP/ SP is adverse Factor for health.
37)(a) Natural Benefics in angles gives protection from disease.
(b) Natural Malefics in angles indicate ill health.
(c) Retrograde natural Benefics in angles lead to disease during their periods.
(d) Retrograde natural malefics are still worse and cause serious disease.
38) Natural malefics in 3rd, 6th and 11th house provide resistance to disease.
39) When an adverse period (Dasa) lord associates with ascendant or lord of the ascendant, health suffers.
40) Involvement of period (Dasa) lord in Rahu – Ketu axis increases the maleficence of Dasa lord.
41) In divisional charts, period lords cause illness, if
a. Period lords are ascendant lords or are lords of houses where ascendant is posited.
b. Period lord I sin 6th, 8th, 12th from ascendant or lord of the ascendant.
c. Aspect or association of Saturn or Mars on period lords.
d. Period lords on Rahu –Ketu axis.
42) Mars repeated role in divisional chart confirms operation.
43) Retrogrades in their periods give adverse results if they are related to the ascendant.
44) When Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu transit the adverse houses, their lords if period (Dasa) lord produce malefic effects and cause disease.
45) 6th lord with a malefic in ascendant or 6th or 8th house causes injury to the parts of the body signified by 6th house.
46) A single affliction is not serious, a double affliction indicates serious disease, and triple or multiple afflictions cause incurable disease.
47) A benefic period followed after illness shows recovery.
48) A strong ascendant or lord of the ascendant ensures recovery.
49) Period of a strong 6th lord gives resistance and recovery.
50) Jupiter aspects on period lords in birth chart on during transits favor are recovery.
51) Strong ascendant posited in 3rd or 11th ensures recovery.