August 6, 2020


Saturn is the causative planet of career (profession) the indicator of Karma- in the cosmic world. He Himself will never harm the anyone in this world, whether he may be malefic sign or in benefic sign who offers both good and bad effects accommodating the combination of other planets which is based on the natives past Karma.
Sun, Moon, Mars and (D-tail) or Ketu are enemies to Saturn but the sun and Saturn are not major enemies (as may be the case of a father and son relationship because sun is light (Tejas). Generally father may object the insufficient work of his son but when son is powerful and is ruling places, father is weak and aged. In such cases, father cannot or may not be able to overrule his son. This is generally considered as enemies with the sufficient misunderstanding.
As we have stated in previous lesson Moon is mind which is not constant. But the Saturn is the causative planet of the work. Whenever the combination of Moon and Saturn is there or comes, this denotes fluctuating mind that cannot complete the work on account of inconsistency of mind. Hence the Moon and Saturn are enemies to one another or in other words fluctuating mind (Moon) will never complete the (Saturn) work.

Saturn in Aries
The native having Saturn in the Aries in his birth chart indicate the native will have success from metals, engineering type of profession or connected to the central government, higher department of authorities, he will shine in his career but the lower and the higher income and status depends according to the combination of other planets.

Saturn in Taurus
The sign of Venus, money-Taurus is luxury. The native will earn by soft work in the concern where luxury good are means of earning through transactions.

Saturn in Gemini
The native will earn through his intellect, commercial transactions, business enterprises or social and general activities, intellectual ways.

Saturn in Cancer
The native of this chart will come up from the travelling lines, water, liquid career connecting to the traveling, arts, ( kala or through the things water is connected).whether comes and goes at stream and rivers. The native will have to overcome worries in his career, inconsistency of work and financial commitments are the cause of his worries.

Saturn in Leo
Who will secure a job connecting to government or benefited from the government authorities, who will prove the good administrator in later periods. He will act as king even though if he is dependent but he is sincere in his work.

Saturn in Virgo
The native will be intellectual and commercial minded in careers, accounting, commerce and that forms his base for all who has good circle of friends and is generally a polite talker.

Saturn in Libra
The native will be benefited through banks career or through the luxury goods, which may be private or government- this can be judged by the combination of others planet.

Saturn in Scorpio
Aries the kingdom, Scorpio is the battle field. Saturn is not interested in these in these two signs because where the father (sun) is exalted the son cannot show his pride where the Karma (the law of duty-work) ends in the battle field. Therefor Saturn will never benefit in these two signs. The native having the Saturn in this 8th sign, he will work under the control of some of the concern connecting to the mines, minerals, engineering, Agricultural departments which is suitable to the native also like electric, interior development which are suitable.

Saturn in Sagittarius
The native will have a career connecting to the forest, wood, service, spiritual societies and who will have to overcome different disturbance in his career, because second sign is the exalted to the Mars.

Saturn in Capricorn
Service and traveling’s are favorable career or the native will be benefited though the food and water contents, food and compost, manure type of departments are goods.

Saturn in Aquarius
Saturn in this will make the person expert in psychology. The native will have secret Knowledge. Good administrator, manger, teacher or guide; ideal and intellectual worker. But they are ardently independent in all their actions.

Saturn in Pisces
The having the combination at the time of their birth will be a good master, Doctor , able administrator , priest, saint, guide of guides with wide knowledge. Meena is the holy place circle of good friends.

2nd,7th and adjoining planetary aspects are important to the each planet.

Saturn with Sun
Persons having this combination will have career connecting with the government, politics, service in government but success comes after great struggling.
Note: Saturn with Ravi or sun in second house (sign) to the Saturn’s position effects will be the same in consideration. In some case if these two planets are in 7th house to the one another result will be the same but less powers are considered.

Saturn with Moon
The native never one career in his life he use to change number of times, who will never be interested to work hard, and who will have interest in the field of arts, literature, liquids, water contents, travel pertaining to his career. He is not supposed to have proper understanding with his wife and mother but he will not stay in his father’s house and cold and cause effects often bother him. He is a man of imagination, to be a good author and a bit lazy too.

Saturn with Mars
Success comes from great obstacles and struggling’s where hard word is beneficial. Machinery, factories, engineering works is beneficial.

Saturn with Mercury
Major success is found in business activities intellectual works, writing and he is soft and calm nature, which is his career.

Saturn with Jupiter
This is one of the best combinations and some of the great personalities having this combination are great and who achieve eternal name not only in society and in this earth.

Saturn with Venus
The native will be gifted in second half of life. He enjoys good fortune after marriage and benefits which will come from different sources, such as banking, good business organization, through luxury articles. The native will become wealthy one with house and properties. There is good influence brought up from wife’s side.

Saturn with Dragon Head
Saturn is black Dragon Head is Shade or the wheel (Chakra). The Native having This combination will have a career connecting films, vehicles, Printing presses or in other words it is anything moving like wheels-or chaya (the shade) charka the wheel, Saturn and Rahu –Door Keeper servant of low category.

Saturn with Dragon Tail
The person or native having this combination is desperate in life in career because of maximum work and minimum salary and who will work as a writing or ordinary worker who enjoys saintly thoughts. People of this will lead their life in textiles factory, sewing (tailoring) and medical departments.

Compiled By: Mr.Anil Kaushal.