Moon in Aries: Mental activity is stimulated and new ideas and projects flourish. It is good time to start on a new job because there is a plenty of optimism and enthusiasm to come to grip with the challenges presented.

Moon in Taurus: When the moon is in Taurus, collect all your resources around you and balance the budget. If you run out of ideas at work, just fall back on plain old fashioned common sense, and it will pay dividends. Any work at home needing patience of extra perseverance will prosper.

Moon in Gemini: This is very stimulating time when the mind is active even if you work with your hands. You can always think of a better way to do something and the main thing you will be notice when the moon is in this sign that you will always be busy but you have enough energy to cope with it.

Moon in cancer: Take care at work when the moon is in cancer because you are liable to run into situations you do not understand and over dramatize them. It is a time when business should be used only when you are really sure you can be authoritative and you know your is comparatively easy to deal with elderly employers and employees you will relate better to older people than those younger than you.

Moon in Leo: This is the time when you can safely mix business with pleasure and neither will be any worse for it. If the boss praise you for your work, though, and you have dreams that he will back this up with a raise in pay, do not rely on it. Sweet words are not always followed by appropriate actions. Take praise and flattery with a grain of salt.

Moon in Virgo: If you have a problem at work, this is the time to sit down and weigh the pros and cons with the assurance that you will be nearer to a satisfactory solution that at any other time of the month. If relationships with employees or employer have deteriorated, this is the time to get them back on an even keel without any loss of pride or face.

Moon in Libra: You will work best in any tandem situation and feel quite secure in harness at this time, so it encourages you to express opinion which you have been a bit nervous to discuss previously. The moon In Libra encourages you to want to see life through rose-tinted spectacles.It never does you any harm because no one hates the sordid elements of work more than you. You will come out of this period much more enthusiastic and optimistic because of renewed self-confidence.

Moon in Scorpio: This not a good time to put any new enterprise no action or go into a new job. However, the moon gives a lot of courage. You may feel throwing in the towel and going home but remember, the courage may only last as long as the transit of the moon in this sign, so look before you leap into action, walk away from difficulties, and keep calm. Second thoughts help you to catch up with reality.

Moon in Sagittarius: If a person with the moon in this position can work in travel, sports, or law enforcement, he will be at his best working hard at his job and deriving satisfaction from it. He likes to be outdoors and feel free even though he knows he has to report back to someone else. Moon people in Sagittarius often lack caution and talk too much and it is only under exceptional god aspects that this position is good for anyone in the FBI, CIA or diplomacy.

Moon in Capricorn: People born with the moon in this position do best in a job where there is hope of promotion because the moon enhances ambitions and the desire for the power which come with high positions. It also brings reserve into lay, so that the subject does not make the best of friends who could help him achieve his ambitions. When somehow he succeeds and becomes a self-made man, he will always insist that whatever achievements he has attained he has done without help from anyone else. Generally this is true.

Moon in Aquarius: The moon is in the sign associated with the distribution and this is exactly what a person born with the moon in this position loves to do. He may distribute ideas or goods, but can often go into politics. Before he begins to distribute ideas, he likes to the ladder of success. It is not unusual for a lunar Aquarium to spend many years working behind the scenes and then appears at the top of to improve the subjects in whose horoscope it appears. Once he has attained success in work, he related it to power and seems to develop immunity from criticism.

Moon in Pisces: A person with his moon his moon in Pisces always takes his dream world to right into his working life. He thrives best in the arts of any form of work where the imagination is an asset. He is also capable of hugging secrets in his heart. Born with moon in Pisces, he is able to present a different picture to his employer or employees and then go home to work just as hard on a secret project with a different image. He is no man’s fool.

Compiled By: Mr.Anil Kaushal.