‘Om namo rudrya vishnva mryture mithahi’

Article Compiled by Sh. Ram Nath Goyal
Explained by Sh. MK Gupta

Brahma,Vishnu and Rudra(Shiva) are three aspects of GOD. Brahma is the creator. Vishnu is sustainer and Rudra is destroyer.

Division of longevity:-The standard life span for this purpose is 108 years for human charts. It is divided into three parts:-
1. Short life (Alp Ayu):-It is 0-36 years.
2. Middle life (Madhya Ayu):-It is from 36-72 years.
3. Long life (Puran Ayu) :- It is from 72 -108 years.

Movable Signs:-The presiding deity of movable signs is Brahma and energy level of these signs is maximum so these signs give LONG LIFE.

Dual Signs:- The presiding deity of dual signs is vishnu and energy level of these signs is medium so these signs gives MIDDLE  LIFE.

Fix Signs:-The presiding deity of fixed signs is Shiva and is destroyer so these signs give SHORT LIFE.

There are three methods to calculate longevity given by rishi Jaimini.
1.Three Pair Method.
2.Eighth Lord Placement Method.
3.Method of Three Lords.

Methods of Three Pairs:- This method allows us to determine the approximate range of one’s longevity. In this method, we look at three pairs of planets. In each pair, we look at the two planets and see if they occupy a movable or fixed or dual sign.


:Lagna lord and 8th lord:- If these both are in movable sign or one is in dual sign and other is in fix sign then long life is indicated. 

:If lagana lord and 8th lord:- both are in dual sign or one is in movable sign and other is in fix sign, then middle life is indicated. 

:If lagana lord and 8th lord:- both are in fix sign or one is in movable sign and other is in dual sign then short life is indicated.

SECOND PAIR:- Second pair is of MOON and SAT. Apply the above three principles to the signs occupied by Moon and Sat.

THIRD PAIR:- Third pair is of LAGNA and HORA LAGNA. Apply the above three principles to this pair also.

RESULT:- If all three pairs  indicate identical spans, then the particular longevity is to be declared i.e.

: If all pairs indicate long life span it is up to 108 years.

: If all pairs indicate middle life span it is up to 72 rears.

: If all pairs indicate short life span it is up to 36 years.

:If two pair gives same life span and third pair gives different life span ,then result given by two pairs dominate and find the resultant longevity using following table:-

Two Pairs:- Short life Middle Life Long Life
Third Pair is:-
Short 32yrs 64yrs 96yrs
Middle life 36yrs 72yrs 108yrs
Long Life 40yrs 80yrs 120yrs


If all the three pairs gives different results:-

: Then we should give preference to third pair of LAGNA and HORA LAGNA.

:If MOON is in Lagna or 7th house, then second pair of MOON and SAT will prevail.

Calculation of 8th lord:-We can find the 8th house in the chart zodiacally, but it is found that results are more accurate if we take the 8th house from Varidha Karka chart which is given below.

Eighth house Reckoner (Vridha Karika )


Ascendant Eighth House
Aries Scorpio
Taurus Gemini
Gemini Capricorn
Cancer Sagittarius
Leo Cancer
Virgo Aquarius
Libra Taurus
Scorpio Sagittarius
Sagittarius Cancer
Capricorn Gemini
Aquarius Capricorn
Pisces Leo


Note:- From the table we find that for Aries, Libra and for Aquarius lagans, both 1st and 8th lord are same. In this case we will take the 8th from 8th. For example let us assume in an chart Lagan is Aries, then from chart we see 8th house is Scorpio, lord of Scorpio is also Mars we will take 8th lord from Scorpio ,from chart 8th lord from SC is Sagittarius ,so we will take Jupiter as 8th lord. We will see the placements of Mar and Jupiter.

Example:-  Consider an chart of Taurus ascendant as given below ,Hora Lagna is in Aries, Moon is in Taurus ,Mercury is in Capricorn, Venus is in Capricorn, and Sat is in Gemini.

Pair 1:-   Lagna lord Venus is in Capricorn which is a Movable Sign, from the above table 8th house is Gemini, Lord of Gemini is Mercury is in Capricorn which is another Movable sign. Both Movable sign gives Long Life.

Pair2:- Moon is in Ta a fixed sign, Saturn is in Gemini and dual sign, “Fix +Dual”, Moveable is out so it gives Long Life.

Pair 3:- Lagna is in Ta an fix sign, Hora Lagana is in Aries an Movable sign, Fix + Movable , Dual sign is out so it gives Middle Life.



We see two pairs indicate Long Life so long life will prevail. Third Pair is of Middle life so age comes out to be 108 yrs.


Eighth Lord Placement Method:- Determine the stronger lord between 8th house lords from 1st and 7th house. It means determine the stronger lord between the lords of 2nd house and 8th house. If this lord is placed in:-

  1. Quadrant houses i.e 1, 4,7,10 it gives Long Life.
  2. Succeeding houses also known as Panphara houses i.e.2,5,8,11,it gives Middle Life
  3. Precedent houses also known as Apokilam houses,it gives Short Life.

Method Of Three Lords:- Third method is based on the placement of the lord of  the of 1st house,10th house and 8th house. If three lords are well placed in quadrants etc,Long Life is indicated. If two of the three are strong, Middle Life is indicated and if only one is strong Short Life is indicated. These lords should be well placed, dusthanas are bad for these houses. Malefic association with these lords lowers the longevity. This method is very usefull from these lords we came to know how strong our body is.This method tells us how long the body can live without deterioating.If three lords are well placed body can live long without deteriorating. The peoples who have these lords well placed they live a healthy life without any major disease.

Kaksh Vridhi:- This means increase of term of longevity, Alapayu becomes Madhyayu, and Madhyayu becomes puranayu.

Conditions For Kaksh Vridhi:- There will be kaksha Vridhi when any one of the following conditions are present.

1. Occupancy of Jup in lagna or the 7th house devoid of melefic influence.

2. Occupancy of natural benefices in lagna and seventh house or in its trikona places or in 2/12

3. Natural benefics with Ak or in the 7th, 5th or 9th house or in 2/12

4. Atmakarka is exalted.

5. Jupiter is atmakarka.

6. If lagna lord is in benefic sign other than its debilitation sign or exalted or having benefic association.

Kaksha Harsha:-Kaksha harsha means particular of term of longevity is reduced to the next lower one, thus Puranayu becoming Madhyayu and Madhyayu becoming alpayu.

Conditions Of Kaksha Harsh:- There will be Kaksha Harsha when any one of the following condition is present there.

1. Association of SAT with lagna lord or hora lagna lord.

2. Occupancy of SAT in 8th house of lagana or in 8th house of Hora Lagna.

3. Association of Sat with the 8th house lord of lagna and 8th house lord of Hora Lagna.

4. Both lagna and 7th house or5/9 or 2/12 occupied by malefic.

5. Similarly Ak and 7th or 5/9or 2/12 are occupied by malefic.

6. Atmakarka is debilitated.

7.If lagna lord is in melefic sign other than its exaltation sign or having melefic association.

Rashi Vridhi:-This means increase of longevity by a Rashi i..e. by 9 yrs. If places suggested for Kaksh Vridhi are occupied by Full Moon or Venus then there will be increase of Longevity by one rashi dasa.

Rashi Harsa:- This means the decrease of longevity by one rashi dasa .Rashi harsha will occur When Sat occupies places suggested for malefic for kaksha harsha.

Jagannath Rule:-Divide the Ayur khanda in four parts of 9years each, for example if ayur khanda is of middle life i.e. from 36years to 72 years then four parts will be 36to45years, 45to54years,54to63years and 63 to 72years.

:If 8th lord ( counted zodiacally) is in 10th,11th or 12th from lagna death is predicted in first part i.e. from 36 to 45years.

: If 8th lord is in 7th or 8th or in 9th from lagna death is predicted in second part i.e. from 45 years to 54 years.

: If 8th lord is in 4th or 5th or in 6th from lagna death is predicted in third part i.e.from 54years to 63 years.

: If 8th lord is in 1st, 2nd or 3rd house from lagna death is predicted in last part i.e.from 63 years to 72years.

Yoga Vipareetam:-After having determined the primary longevity, it is necessary to check the position of the AK in the chart. If it is placed in first, third, seventh or ninth houses then yoga vipreetam will function. This cause major change in life span from Long life to Middle life, Middle life to Short life while Short life becomes Long Life. Depending upon the placement of 8th lord.

Vipreetam ayur yoga simultaneously change the longevity of the relative shown by the AK or planet joining it.For example if Short life is indicated initially and AK Sun is in the 9th house ,then native longevity will be increased and that of father will decreased and father will pass away early. In these cases both things are possible either native gives longevity to some relative or someone else gives the longevity to native. All this depends upon the position of the 8th lord. If 8th lord is in:-

:8th lord in kendr no longer gives long life, in this case it gives Middle life

: 8th lord in Panphara gives Short life.

:8th lord in Apokalimas gives Long Life.

In case of 8th lord in Apoklimas you are receiving life. This is due to ATMABALA,atma wants to stay more in body or wants to leave early.

Calculation of Exact Longevity: – The planets involved in final determination of longevity are called Ayur Yogakarkas or Longevity determinates.

If the determinate is in the beginning of sign contribution will be complete and if determinate is in the end of sign, it will be nil. Thus the exact longevity should be fixed proportionately, taking average longitude of all determinates. For example:-

If Moon is at 17degree 5minutes

Sat is at 13 degree 22minutes.

Life span is middle 36 to 72years

Average longitude of determinates
=17 degree 5minutes + 13 degree 22minutes/
= 15 degree 13 minutes 30

From the end of sign
= 30 degree -15 degree 13 minutes 30
= 14 degree 46 minutes 30

Contribution by determinations
= 14 degree 46 minutes 30/30 and multiply by 36 years
= 17 years 8months 23 days

Total longevity
 = 36 years + 17years 8 months 23 days
= 53 years 8months 23 days.

This method is usually applied to three pair methods.

Example:- Swami viveka nanda born on 12th Jan 1863 at 6:33 A M(LMT)

At 22n40,88e30



Lag 25 degree 29mnt,        Mar 6degree19mnt             Venus 7degree 7minutes


Sun 29degree 25mnt (AK)    Mer 11degree 47mnt         Sat 13degree50mnt


Moon 17degree29mnt           Jup3degree57 mint           Rahu 22degree 15mnt




Determination of Longevity Compartment. 

Method   of pairs: –   Lagna lord + 8th lord=Jupiter  + Moon

  = Movable +dual = fix is left out=Short life

Langa +Hora lagna= Dual + Movable= Short Life

Moon + Sat = Dual +Dual =Middle life

Short life combination dominates,

However Sun AK is in ASC so Yoga Vipreetam will be applicable.

8th lord Moon is in quadrant so it will indicate Middle life so father give life to native so father passed away early. Method of pairs gives Middle life of 36to 72 years.

:Eighth Lord  Placement:-  8th lord Moon is placed in 10th house.

It gives long life.

But Sat is placed with Moon causing Kakshya Hasha so longevity is reduced to Middle Life of 36 to 72 years. 

: Method Of Three Lords:-  Lord of Ascendant and 10th house is Jupiter which is moderately strong. The lord of 8th house Moon is placed in 10th house but afflicted by Sat so will not contribute to longevity. Thus the lord of 1st and 10th house indicates middle life.

: Jagannath rule: 8th lord Moon is in 10th house, indicating death in the first quarter. Hence longevity is at 36 to 45years.