A planet is whose week day; the new Moon falls in the lunar month of chaitar is the ruler of the year which then commences.

Sun: If sun is the lord of the year, then the rulers will march their armies and attack other countries and destroy them. The earth will yield little crops and the forests will be infested with hungry animals seeking their prey. There will be little water and disease will be afflicting the people. Heat of the sun will be intolerable even in winter and there will be scanty rain. Cattle will die in large numbers.

If Moon is the lord of the year, the rulers will administer justice to the people and provide safety against crime. Married couples will lead a happy life and there will be abundant growth of wheat, rice and other grains and the people will flourish. People will recite religious songs and cows will yield lot
of milk.

If Mars is the ruler, then the king will be indifferent to the welfare of the people and will not take protective measures. Crime will increase and people will be subjected to attacks by robbers. They will have fear from destructive which will be blown by winds and burn whole villages and towns. There will be forest fires also and destruction of cattle and property. People will suffer from billion complains and death will occurs through snake bites. Food crops will suffer destruction.

If mercury is the lord of the year, then rulers will have good relations with one another and will exchange rare and valuable gifts to promote further friendship. They will not be under any strain. The strain will have good time and fortune will smile on them. More people will learn the art of war. The writers and mathematicians will flourish. People in general will be truthful and the criminal courts will be administering justice. People will also desire to attain the supreme state of moksha or Liberations. They will study sciences. There will be abundant growths of herb in the land. People in the Mountains will also have a happy time. In short all people represented by the mercury will prosper.

If Jupiter is the lord of the year, the rulers will provide protection to the people who will be prosperous and have lot of wealth. There will be abundant crops, with lot of cow’s milk. The infantry will thrive. People will sing Vedic songs and celebrate religious ceremonies.

If Venus is the lord of the year, then the rulers will achieve success in the war and make the people happy by destroying the wicked persons. The soldiers will celebrate their victory with loud sound of triumph. The rulers will be just provided protection to the people. There will be rich crops of rice and sugarcane and there will be plenty of rain. Married people have good time and enjoy functions, and entertain with their guests with wine.

If Saturn is the lord of the year, there will be civil strife, riots and inter gang warfare, thus afflicting severally the people whose cries `break out and afflict the people. Brands of robbers will move about looting people. Cows will perish. Tanks and lakes will dry up. Crops will perish for lack of water as there will be scanty rains. Clouds will be dispersed by strong winds and dust storms.

The above mentioned evil results ordinary will not come to pass, in full , if the lord of the year signifies houses 5 or 11.Simiarly , the good results mentioned above will not come to pass in full, it the ruler of the signifies houses 6,8 or 12.