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People are exited with the transit of Jupiter in Gemini sign. Let us discuss technically, the transit of Jupiter in Gemini sign.

As per the guide lines provided in the Parashari system, transit is influenced by the following parameters:

  1. Promise in the Natel Chart.
  2. Conducive dasha
  3. Strength of Jupiter in the natel chart. Transit is a fructifying element.

Factors of Influence on the transiting Jupiter:

  1. Natel moon
  2. Natel ascendant
  3. Janma Nakshatra
  4. Moorthy Nirnaya
  5. Sarvashtaka Varga– Bhinnashtaka Varga – Prakashta Varga Bindu.
  6. Kaksha
  7. Vedhas (Vedha- Vipreet Vedha, Vaam Vedha)

Transit of any Planet for a particular chart has to be seen in 4 ways:

  1. Weather the Jupiter is natural friend or enemy of the Lagana lord.
  2. Weather the Jupiter is naturally inimical or benefic to the sign of its transit.
  3. How is the planet Placed from Natal Moon
  4. Ashtakvarga points total in the Rashi and the BAV contributed by the transitting planet in that Rashi. Combining the above 4 Parameters we will be able to give the numerical figure which will show the strength of the transitting planet for that Lagna and Moon sign.

In case of slow moving planet the Paraya speaks loudly:

Normally in a life cycle of 84 years Jupiter has 7 Paraya (cycles).

1st Paraya Jupiter in the year 9th and 12th, Moon gives auspicious results to father.

2nd Paraya Jupiter in the year 13 – 24, extraordinary good in Aries and Taurus.

3rd Paraya Jupiter in the year 25-36 for the natives with natal moon in 1,4,5,7,9,11,12.  Auspicious happenings are expected in life.

4th Paraya Jupiter in the year 37-48 Over natal Moon Rajvirodham , 2,4,9,11,and 12 house from Moon Benefic happenings.

5th Paraya Jupiter in the year 49-60 when Jupiter is jittery. Jupiter in 1st house from the natal moon gives mental confusions, in 2nd house from the natal moon gives wealth, in 3rd house benefic, in 4th house benefic, but, in the rest of the houses not good.

6th Paraya Jupiter will behave same as the 1st cycle. Jupiter in Aries is considered the best transit since Jupiter will be in Kendra the 10th house from Exaltation. sign, Kona from its Mool Tirkona sign and 2nd from its Pieces sign. Jupiter in Aries is a friendly sign. Jupiter is the 9th Lord of the natural Zodiac and Saturn the 10th Lord of the natural Zodiac, shastra says Saturn Jupiter connection causes flow of auspiciousness in life continuously during Transit. Jupiter 9th aspect is most powerful, all auspiciousness. Saturn 10th Aspect most powerful and extraordinary success, success through own energy, if such transit takes place and together with these aspects both aspect one bhava, that bhava will flourish. In the present Transit of Jupiter in Gemini, the 9th aspect will be on Aquarius, Saturn will not aspect Aquarius, But Jupiter will aspect the Libra Sign and Saturn is placed there in Exaltation sign of Saturn will also be good to some extent, similarly Jupiter will aspect Sagittarius and Saturn will also aspect Sagittarius, hence this Bhava will also get benefits to some extent, as per the Moorthy Nirnaya and Moon sign Sagittarius Moon sign gets the maximum beneficence during the transit of Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter will also be transitting in the Badhaka Sthana being a dual sign, hence some hindrances pertaining to 7th house as well, but in Toto will be proved as  benefic.

We can also go to the Nak. level from the Janma Nak., the Nak.  transited by Jupiter in Transit. In the first triad Vipat, Patyari and Vadha are fully malefic, in the second Triad 1/3 portion of Vipat, ending 1/3 portion of Patyari and middle 1/3 portion of Vadha Tara are malefic. Third triad are fully benefic.

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and is also called “Dev. guru” because it is karka for Dhan, Spirituality, Mantra siddhi, Wisdom altogether gives us the idea of its influence in our life. There are various factors which influence our life and the position of planets determines certain significant changes. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu are three important planets in the solar system, which influence different spheres of our life.

The significance of Jupiter as per Vedic Astrology: –

Wealth, prosperity, knowledge and finance.

Natural signification of children and Relationship with them.

For women—Marital Happiness. Karka for Spouse. Being a 100% benefic planet , the prosperity in our life is entirely dependent on Jupiter. On the 31st May 2013 early morning it will ingress in the sign of Gemini, 12th sign from its Exaltation and in the 7th from its Mool Tirkona sign and in 4th from its Pieces sign. For Jupiter (a benefic) in 3rd house of Kaal Purusha kundli is set in the 7th house from its Mool Tirkona sign. But, in the Badhaka house will be weak, more so since it will be in inimical sign and 12th from Exaltation sign as mentioned. Jupiter will remain in this sign from 31st May 2013 to 19th June 2014. During this transit, it will pass through 3 Nakshatras in Gemini namely Mrigshira(Lord Mars), Ardra(Lord Rahu) and Punarvasu(Lord Jupiter). Jupiter is friendly with Mars, but not with Rahu, hence its period when it will transit through nakshatra of Rahu. Jupiter will be very weak to deliver the desired results and will be the strongest in sign Gemini when it will transit through its own nak. Punarvasu.

The pity is that Jupiter in Gemini will not exalt in transit in Navamsha, hence will remain weak also because of its transit through inimical sign.


At the time, when Jupiter will ingresses in Gemini, the transit Moon will be in Aquarius, From Natal Moon if, transit moon in Aquarius falls in

1-6-11, it will be Gold Moorthy Hence for Aquarius, Virgo & Aries the Jupiter will act as Gold Moorthy. But, from natal moon Jupiter will be in the 5th house for Aquarius. So, Aquarius moon sign natives Jupiter’s transit shall be best benefitted. For Aries and Virgo moon signs, the transit Jupiter placement is 3rd and 10th not that good.

Natal Moon if transit Moon in Aquarius falls in 2-5-9, it will be Silver Moorthy.

For Capricorn, Libra and Gemini the Jupiter will act as Silver Moorthy. But, for Capricorn sign the Jupiter will be in the 6th house which is not desirable position. So, Native with Capricorn moon sign should not expect excited results. Whereas, Natives with Libra and Gemini as moon sign shall be best benefitted with respect to the % of silver Moorthy.

Natal Moon if transit Moon in Aquarius falls in 3-7-10, it will be Copper(Tamar) Moorthy.

For Sagittarius, Leo and Taurus it will be Tamar Moorthy, be less malefic since it falls in the 7th , 2nd and 11th house from natal Moon, even if it is with Tamar Moorthy.

Natal Moon if transit Moon in Aquarius falls in 4-8-12, it will be Iron(Loh) Moorthy.

For Scorpio, Cancer and Pieces it will be Loh Moorthy.

For natives with Scorpio moon sign, it is in the 8th and will be more malefic, for natives with Cancer moon sign, it will be in the 12th  and will be malefic, accept 3rd and 4th Paraya. But , will be very weak to give results. For natives with Pieces as moon sign it will be neutral.

Retrograding Jupiter:

On7th Nov. 2013 Jupiter will Retro grades in Punarvasu nakshatra at 26*27’ and will remain in retrogression till 7th March 2014 and will go up to 16*.23’ degrees for about 120 days. Jupiter’s transit in Ardra(Nak. Of Rahu) from 17th Jan 2014 to 7th March 2014 and 29th June 2013 to 2nd Sept. 2013. weather in retro grade or direct motion will be hard to judge and will give malefic results for the mundane activities.

The most benefitted will be Sagittarius moon sign in this transit. Since, Sat and Rahu in 11th and Jupiter in the 7th though in Tamar Moorthy but, expect Saturn and Rahu. The most benefic results will be for the Aquarius moon signs, those going through agonies will get relief. of course the promise and conducive dasha should also be seen. Some Important information for the readers:

Results of Jupiter cross over the Natel planets on transit:

When the transit Jupiter/Guru crosses the native’s Sun he may get promotion and get assistance from anybody in power, as well as from the government. When he crosses the native’s moon he may change his residence or get transfer and at the same time he may suffer by viral fever, if he crosses Mars he will get good fame and for Mercury he may get profit in real estates and good income from agriculture and get good knowledge in new ideas and when crosses himself(the natal Jupiter) he may get a child, fame and at the same time health problem and he crosses Venus he may have the daughter’s marriage and wealth and for Saturn he may get promotion in job, new job , good movement in his business . When he crosses the natal Rahu the native may get operation, disturbance in studies, abortion for his wife and a sudden death of a blood relative and for Ketu religious journey.

The effects of Jupiter in Mars, Rahu and Own nakshatra will also influence Gold. We must have observed that since Jupiter has gone in Mrigshira nak. The Gold prices have improved, since Jupiter is Karka for Gold and going in friends nak. , when it goes in Rahu nak. the prices would be minimum and again will take a bullish trend when Jupiter goes in own nak. in Punarvasu and then Jupiter will be in sign of exaltation after 19th June 2014 . As far as India is concerned in the foundation chart

Kaksha: To see the timing of benefic or malefic effects, Kaksha concept will be helpful to the readers. Jupiter either malefic or benefic will be able to deliver the desired results in its own Kaksha or in the Kaksha of a planet who has contributed  bindus in its Prastharashtaka varga and Jupiter should also have contributed bindu in its Prastharashtaka varga.

Note: If Jupiter has contributed bindus. But, in the natal chart if Jupiter is debilitated, combust or in enemy sign, we can’t expect very benefic effects.

Vedas: Last but not the least, transit of Jupiter will finally depend upon the Vedha theory of transit planets.

Vedha to benefic Jupiter:

Jupiter is supposed to deliver good results, when transiting through 2nd-5th-7th-9th and 11th places from the natal moon. But ceased to be benefic if at the same time, there is a obstructed Vedha form 12th-4th-3rd-10th or 8th house from the natal moon respectively.

Vedha to malefic Jupiter:

Jupiter is supposed to deliver malefic results, when transiting through 1st-3rd-4th-6th-8th-10th and 12th house from the natal moon. But ceased to be malefic if,  there is Vipreet Vedha from 1st-2nd-5th-6th-7th-9th and 11th house from the natal moon respectively.    

Vaam Vedha: Jupiter will not be able to deliver benefic or malefic results. If, it receive any Vaam Vedha by conjunction of any other planet with it.


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