Significance of the Seventh House

The Seventh House being the opposite House from the Lagna deals with one’s spouse, marriage and death. The three most important aspects of one’s life. Besides this it signifies the various aspects related to these.

Spouse: the life partner of oneself is revealed from the Seventh House. It is the House of partnership and marriage is the most important partnership that a person is involved

Marriage: the Seventh House tells what Kind of marriage one will have and when it will take place. Malefic may even rule out chances of marriage.

Death: since the First House denotes the beginning of life the Seventh House which is directly opposite it, denotes death.

Nature of death: Since death is foretold from the Seventh House, the type of death that the native is likely to have can also be seen from it.

Mrityu Tulya Kashta: if the malefic influence is not very severe then instead of death, the person can experience death life trouble in other words, Mrityu Tulya Kashta.

Partnership: besides marriage, which is a lifelong partnership, the Seventh House also deals with other partnership. They may be in the nature of a person’s work or business.

Public appearance: how one carries oneself is revealed by the First House, therefore the Seventh House shows the effect of the person’s behavior. In other words it reveals what others think about one and what Kind of image one projects of oneself. This public image is very important for everyone in every walk of life, more so for politicians.

Accidents: since the Seventh House is opposite the First House, any calamity to life can be seen from it. It may take the form of accidents, when Mars is involved, or a vehicular accident if Venus and Mars are both involved.

Satputras: the best thing that the Seventh House discloses is the blessing one can have in the guise of a good progeny or Satputra. Benefices in the Seventh House promise the fulfillment of the wish which each person has close to his heart that is – to have Satputra.

Foreign travels: travel to foreign land is apparent from the Seventh House. It may be for a short, period or for a long one this depends on the Houses that are involved. The Third House denotes short journeys while the Ninth House promises a long journey.

Settlement abroad: the person can also settle in a foreign land, as the Seventh House is the Fourth House from the Fourth House.

Sookshma Karma Sthana:  the Seventh House is the Tenth House from the Tenth House, therefore if tells about the nature of the work. It is the Sookhshma Sathana as far as work is concerned.

Sexual parts: the Seventh House comprises the sexual parts of the Kaala Purusha. Therefore any affrication to the Seventh House indicates problem in the sexual area of the person.

Passions: passions of the person are directly linked with the sexual part of the body. Therefore the Seventh House also reveals the passions that a person entertains. Whether they are perverted or not can be seen from the Seventh House. Malefic influence and influence of Venus with Mars gives perverted urges.

Conjugal bliss: happiness in marriage is revealed from the Seventh House as this is the House from which marriage is ascertained. Malefic influences denote, lack of happiness between the marriage partners. The conjugal happiness is attained from the fulfillment of the physical pleasures. For this the Twelfth House should have connection with the Seventh House.

Marital harmony: there is more to marriage than just the physical nature. It is the marriage of the mind too. It the two partners cannot achieve harmony in their thinking then there can never be any happiness. It will be totally devoid of happiness. Predominance of the physical without mental and emotional in evolvement is not marriage in the true sense of the word. In order that the person has a harmonious married life, the Seventh House should have benefic influences.

Seventh House is one of the least favored Kendras in a horoscope. Though it comes in the category of Kendras but it does not amount to be a very pious or good Kendra.

According to Shastras, in the order to be on the safer side, one should perform Shanti Karmas when the Dasha of the Seventh Lord or of any planet in the Seventh Houses comes. These should be performed especially when the Seventh Lord’s Dasha comes. Otherwise, the Seventh Lord’s Dsaha will not fructify fully. It is essential to perform Navgraha Shanti.

Langna is Udayaam, on that basis the Seventh House is Astam. Therefore whatever is prevalent in the Langna Bhava that gets set in the Seventh House, for this reasons the Seventh House is not considered to be a very pious Bhava as far as Lagna Bhava is considered. But the identity of the Seventh House when seen from the angle of the Seventh House itself is not considered very bad. As a matter of fact, for that purpose it is good.

As far as Lagna Bhava is concerned whatever one sees for the Lagna Bhava gets set in the Seventh House and for that purpose it is not good. In other words whatever is signified in the Lagna Bhava gets set in the Seventh House and from that point of view the Seventh House is not considered good.

The Karaka for the Seventh House is Venus. Venus being the Karaka for the Seventh House of Kaala purusha it also becomes a Karaka for spouse. For male the Karaka for spouse is Venus and for females it is Jupiter.

Therefore, in a male’s horoscope. Venus placed in the Seventh house, is not considered good as far as marital prospects are concerned. But if it is placed in own sign or in exaltation or being the Langna Lord it is placed in the Seventh House then it is not considered very bad.

Though as a Lagna Lord in the Seventh House it promises delay in marriage. But if it is placed in own House or in exaltation sign it does not amount to that much of Kalartra Dasha.

Kalatra Dosham

What is Kalatra Dosham?

Kalatra Dosham means the Dosha that is attached with one’s Kalatra or spouse, due to which one suffers with regards to one’s marriage.

This Doshan could take the form of:

Any Kind of marital happiness and sexual compatibility has to be seen from Venus. One has to see the Twelfth Bhava from Venus, in order to find out the compatibility as far as sexual togetherness is to be seen.

The Seventh Lord and the Seventh House should not be more powerful than the Lagna Lord. In case they are then, then one’s life will always be on a submissive note. One will not be very attractive to other and will be known as a very timid person.

The Seventh Lord and the Seventh House should also not have less strength as compared to Lagna Lord. In case they are, then one’s life will always be on a submissive note. One will not be very attractive to others and will be known as a very timid person.

The Seventh Lord and the Seventh House should also not have less strength as compared to Lagna Lord. There should not be much disparity between the two. If it is so then one will not have a good

understanding with others in life and will always be a loner. Considering this, the Lagna and the Seventh House, both should have equal amount of strength, they should strike a good balance. More or less should not have a great disparity between them, in order to have a happy married life and to have a very good public appearance.

Death or death associated matters can be analyzed from the Seventh Bhava and also the public appearance of a person. How a person conducts, behaves or interacts with the world at large or what could be one’s status or position in public or society outside one’s personal self, is to be assessed from the Seventh Bhava and the Seventh Lord.

Planetary influence

Different planets are responsible for these- Kalatra public appearance, Sat putras and foreign settlements.

If the Seventh Bhava is afflicted, one may not have a happy, long lasting and harmonious married life. On the other hand it is considered to be a good position if the Seventh Bhava is afflicted by malefic, since it gives longevity. Death like situation may not occur frequently that is, one may not undergo Mrityu Tulya Kashta or accidents in life.

Seventh House should not be afflicted in any way. Over and above, Seventh House is also the Kendra Sthana. Thus due to this very pious status, the Lord becomes Kendradhipti and inflicts Kendradhipati Dosha upon benefices if they happen to own Kendras. By virtue of being Kendra Lords, they cease to be benefices and malefic become benefices, if they happen to be Kendra Lords. This holds especially true in respect of Jupiter and Mercury.

For dual signs Seventh House becomes the Bhsadhaka Sthana also, which means an obstructing force.

Being a benefic they attain the dual malefic status of Kendradhipati and Bhadakadhipati. So their

position has to be very carefully analyzed in Rashi chart and in Vargas and understood properly to interpret their result during their Dasha and Antar Dasha.

Seventh House, if represented by malefic afflicting Venus and the Second Lord, indicates a person who may have more than one marriage. Seventh House in relation to the Ninth Lord and the Twelfth Lord indicates a person who will have foreign settlements. Seventh House in relation to Eleventh House and Second House indicate a person who will basically rise in life after marriage due to support of in-laws.

Therefore one has to see very minutely the Seventh Bhava, the Lord of that Bhava and very carefully and correctly proceed to analyses the Bhava. Affection to the seventh Bhava or Seventh Lord by any malefic planets would also amount to disease in the sexual parts.

The Maraka quality of the Seventh House remains inherent in the Seventh Lord wherever he might be posited. The inherent Maraka quality will act as an obstructive force, curtailing the outcome of the Bhava’s significance. If the Seventh Lord is in there will be growth in Maraka qualities and spoil that Bhava.

Seventh Bhava, being just opposite to the Lagna is also known as the death House. Now if Lagna represents Udaya that is birth, then naturally the opposite of Udaya will be Asta- death of the native. Therefore on this basis, Lagna indicates longevity and long life and Seventh House indicates death and the final journey in this life.

Hence, Seventh House is not considered to be a very pious place though it is a Kendra. It may not result in giving good results unless otherwise the Seventh House is represented by own Lord, exaltation planet or Moola Tirkona planet. Generally, the status of Seventh Lordship is not a very good one for any planet.


The significance of the Seventh House is mainly regarding marriage. It deals with all the aspects of marriage the likelihood of marriage, the time and even the number of marriages. The last one of these can be seen from the planets that are associated with it:


The Seventh House also reveals the likelihood of having progeny.

Planets in the Seventh House

Besides this the Planets also throw light on the other aspects of the Seventh House-

Placement of Seventh Lord in different Houses

The Seventh Lord in different House gives varying results. This also depends on the planet involved and the aspects it gets. On the whole the results are mainly based on marriage and partnership.

The position of the Seventh Lord is very important and has to be carefully examined- if it is represented by both malefic and benefics- in regard to foreign settlements, travels, public appearance, public success, partnership deeds, business associates and also in regard to Kalatra and death.

Seventh Lord in Kendras

The Seventh Lord in Kendra is considered very well. It will give undisturbed results. The Seventh Lord is the Lord of a Kendra and placed in another Kendra is a good position for it. It will therefore give good results.

Seventh Lord in Lagna

The Seventh Lord in Lagna casts influence mainly on the person’s personality which in turn affects marriage and related issues. Therefore if a person has the Seventh Lord in his Lagna then the outcome would of the following.

According to Nadir principle Seventh Lord in Lagna if powerful may indicate a person who may remain a bachelor in his life or may marry at a very late stage in his life due to heavy family commitments or whose spouse will be very dominating. It also means that the person will settle in a foreign land and prosper there.

Timing event

In order to time the likelihood of the event one can precede in the manner gives below.


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