What are Vargas?

1. Zodiac consists of 360 degrees or 12 signs of approx. 30 degrees each. Each sign is further subdivide into number of generally equal divisions, wherein the position of each planet is mapped in each Amsa accordingly. These are called divisional charts or Vargas. Each Varga represents a specific aspect of a native’s life, like wealth, education, marriage, children, profession, spirituality etc. Maharishi Prashara says that Lord Brahma has described 16 Kinds of divisions for each sign.

These are:

Varga Chart   Area of Influence
Rasi D-1 Each house is equivalent of a sign or 30 degrees. Body, Physical Matters and all General Matters

Hora D-2 Half of a sign (15 degrees) is a Hora denoting

Wealth, Family

Dreshkana D-3 Each sign is divided into three equal  parts of 10 degrees each signifying

Chaturthamsa D-4 E ach house is of one fourth of a sign or 7-30’ each signifying Luck, Childhood & Property.

Saptamsa D-7 Each house is of one seventh of a sign or 4-17’-8.57” each signifying

Navamsa (astrology) D-9 It is one ninth of a sign or 3-20’each and signify Spouse, Married life & General strength of planets.

Dasamsa D-10 Each house is of one tenth of a sign or 3 degrees each signifying
Actions in Society, Profession

Dvadasamsa D-12 Each division is of one twelfth of a sign or 2-30’ each signifying

Shodasamsa D-16 Each house is of one sixteenth of a sign or 1-52’-30’ each signifying

Vehicles, Travelling and Comforts

Vimsamsa D-20 Each division is of 1\20th of a sign or 1-30’ each signifying Spiritual Pursuits

ChaturVimsamsa D-24 Each division is of 1\24ih of a sign or 1-15’ each signifying  Education, Learning and Knowledge

SaptaVimsamsa D-27 Each division is of 1/27th of a sign or 1-60’ 40’ each signifying Mental & Spiritual of a native

Trimsamsa D-30 Here five planets enjoying ruler ship of two signs each controls five unequal parts of a sign. This varga signifies Evils, Failure, Bad Luck

KhaVedamsa D-40 Each division is of 1\40th of a sign or 0-45’ each signifying matrilineal legacies affecting luck of a native. Maternal Legacy

AkshaVedamsa D-45 Each division is of 1\45th of a sign or 0-40’ each and signifies general prosperity from Paternal Legacy

Shastamsa D-60 Each division is of 1/60th of a sign or 0-30’ each. It is a supplementary to Rasi chart denoting total effects of Past birth or Karma

Varga Groupings:  The Shodasavarga grouping as gives by Maharishi parashar as mentioned above is most commonly followed in predictions, some other groupings carved out of Shodasavarga are also in use. For example Shadvarga is a grouping of six vargas used in Prashna. If Saptamsha is added to Shadvarga, It is called Saptavarga which is used in Muhurta charts & Mundane astrology. If Dasamsha, Shodasamsha & Shastiamsha are added to Saptavarga, the grouping is called Dasvarga which is used in natal horoscopy as suggested by saint Mantreashwar in Phaldeepika.

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